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This team, this family.. these friends. What I experienced and what I observed. Was a smooth and organized machine in motion! They'll shake your hand, they'll look you in the eye, listen to you and do everything they can to put you in or on what you're looking for. That goes a long ways with me. I rode motorcycles when I was young. Never a Harley Davidson. That was my youthful dream. Got my first H.D. age 64.. am I happy? You betcha!! Thanks family Thornton (Employee: Cory Lanham, Angie Miller)
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Mark Grigsby
Hello Mark, thank you for the 5-Star Review! We're glad that you enjoyed your experience here at Thornton's! We'll be sure to pass along your kind words to the whole team! Glad that we could assist you with the purchase of your first Harley-Davidson! We hope that you enjoy your new bike and look forward to seeing you again next time!